Four of our team members headed over to the village of Salme, Nuwakot-3, to assess damage caused by the earthquake as well as to learn about immediate and long-term needs of the village. Located about 7hrs driving time away from Kathmandu (3 hrs from the town of Trishuli), Salme has more than 500 houses. Almost all the houses have been leveled by the earthquake. The number of deaths as reported by local officials is 26 with a few hundred injured. All government buildings, including state-run schools, have been destroyed. Despite its remote location and the scale of destruction, Salme hasn’t yet seen any relief work even after two weeks since disaster struck. A detailed assessment report will be published later. Our team is now collecting relief materials, including food and medicine, that will last for at least a week. If you would like to make monetary or in-kind donation, please call us at 9841363146 or 9849580795. We Recommend Sample Update 2